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Bergson's Instinct, Intelligence, and Intuition
as depicted using
Quantonic Semi¤tics
Quantum Semi¤tic Extensi¤ns
C¤herence, Is¤c¤herence, Dec¤herence, and Partial/Mixed C¤herence

Again, just as in ¤ur ¤riginal Map ¤f a New Reality, we see Subject-Object Metaphysics'
Church of Reason as a tiny subset ¤f a much larger quantum reality.

Where SOM reality is a homogeneous, unilogical, immutable, analytic,
closed box of reason, and a "vicious circle" as Bergson calls it,
MoQ, Quantonics, and quantum science are heter¤gene¤us, paral¤gical, ev¤lute, st¤chastic,
¤pen m¤des ¤f th¤ught. MoQ reality ev¤lves in
DQ flux ¤pen l¤¤ps which b¤th:

  •  latch (static emergence ¤nt¤l¤gy: n¤nlinearly excite is¤c¤herence int¤ mixed c¤herence and dec¤herence — fr¤m is¤being t¤ being), and
  • unlatch (dynamic immergence ¤nt¤l¤gy: dev¤lve/quantum_diffract mixed t¤ is¤c¤herence — fr¤m being t¤ is¤being) flux at Quality Events. We have yet t¤ describe ¤ur Quant¤nic dynamic immergence ¤nt¤l¤gy.

    C¤nsider carefully that quantons(latching,unlatching) are intrinsically stindyanic, a radically quantum b¤th-all/and meme.

Quantonics' quantum reality analogously evolves in a quantum flux open loop which
both latches and unlatches quantum flux at
Planck rate special ævænts. See ævænt.

To see how Quantonics applies these memes see our use of Bergson's quantum I-cubed as quantum~intellect.

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