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This is a work in progress. Doug has about 10 of Bohm's books to treat in this manner. We intend to do that over a period of years. We shall finish Nichol's selection of papers first, and then move on to Bohm's original works.

Doug - 31Mar2006.

People working on UCHic's 'What is Wisdom' project are spending timings here. See Doug's 11Feb2009 updates to our January, 1999 QQA, What Is Intelligence?

Doug - 11Feb2009.

Doug - 24Feb2015.

Research Review List

Research on Bohm's 1957 Paper, The Qualitative Infinity of Nature (Revised by Doug 12Sep2009. See Doug's aside, "Classicists confuse stability with quantum adiabaticity.")

Research on Bohm's 1967 Paper, Physics and Perception

Latest photon consciousness updates by Doug - 27-28Mar2007; minor updates just below philosopher comparison table: added links on partiality and enthymemetics, Doug - 12May2007 - Research on Bohm's 1980 Paper, The Enfolding-Unfolding Universe and Consciousness (Revised by Doug 4,8Nov2009: Update 27Mar2007 second aside on interference with red text. See Appendix' Table link additions too.) (PDR Rev 24Feb2015 - Edit EUUaC page: Add some very crucial links relevant progress on consciousness, quantum~comsciousness and using Fourier to assess 'flow of consciousness.' We see new interest here, evolving interest in Carlo Suares~like Cosmic~Comsciousness.)

Research on Bohm's 1986 Dialogue, Super-Implicate Order


This is our first QQA in nearly four years!
This QQA will be our reservoir of Quantonics' understandings of holograms, holographs, etc., so it is and will continue as emerging, evolving, living text.
There is no close date on our QQA this time. Send any answers and comments any time, before and after our delivery date.
We will deliver our first emerscence of it by September 11, 2005.
Here is our QQA11Sep2005:

"In what ways are Quantonics' breakthr¤ugh, n¤vel descriptions of quantum reality h¤l¤graphic? H5W? H5W n¤t?"

If you wish to answer, we assume you are giving us full rights to publish your answer(s), who you are, and date we received your answer(s).
We also reserve our rights to select which answers to publish and to offer any relevant commentary regarding published answer(s).

Send your answers here.

For background study material, see our Quantum Stairs page and browser search for 'hologra.'

Our reference texts for this work include Talbot's The Holographic Universe, Pietsch's Shufflebrain, Bohm's works, and Pribram's Languages of the Brain.
"In what ways are Quantonics' breakthr¤ugh, n¤vel descriptions of quantum reality h¤l¤graphic? H5W? H5W n¤t?"

Need stimuli other than coffee, Mountain Dew?

Try these:

Is reality holographic?

If so, then, is what we call a hologram real? Isn't any hologram itself holographic? I.e., if we record our hologram in photographic film, isn't its film and its silver 'oxide' holographic? Aren't all elements in reality holographic? (You may perceive quantum sorso REIMAR here...)

When we 'project' a recorded hologram, what are its projection 'media?' Holographic? Real? State-ic? Dynamic?

Do holographicityings scale? Fractally scale? Classically? Quantumly? Quantonically?

 Sep 2005, cont'd.


What other web sites offer assistance in learning 'How' to tap "reserve energy?" Various requests.

PDR-Rev. 18Mar2005 - We have not completed this QQA since nearly all other web sites describe Classical Thingking Methods of HtTiRE; we suggest Buddhist, Zen, and Hindu sites which describe meditative techniques; most of these have as their goal EOOO 'escape from here to nirvana,' though; Quantonics teaches how to quantum~straddle.


How may a student of Quantonics tour our web site? Is there a road map?


(rev - 13Mar2005)
(rev - 31Mar2006)

"How may a student of Quantonics formulate a quantum memetic analogue of SOM's classical 'cause-effect' concept? What differences may we gather to distinguish a classical cause-effect concept and its quantum analogue?" Doug

PDR-Rev. 31Mar2006 - See fresh red text updates. Too, we added many links to recently QELRed terms. We added a Millennium III "Business and Uncertainty" bottom-line quote of Doug, near page top.
PDR-Rev. 28Jun2004 - See our page top Bergson quote on determinism which parallels Dirac's statement that causality may only be assessed on a system which is left undisturbed.

See our Note6 update Bases of Judgment link.PDR-Rev. 4Jun2004 - See our Note6 update on quantum 'ilities' as quantum metamemes and memeotics.

PDR-Rev. 1-2Jun2003 - Jammer on cause-effect re: Weizsäcker. Add Pirsigean update comments below.
PDR-Rev. 11Jan2002 - Add top of page outright quantum real denial of 'classical causation.'


Could you explain what you mean by, in your review of 'A Streetcar
Name Paradise Lost,' in The Come as You Are Masquerade Party, "...taking
William away early and rolling back his IQ?"


What are some characteristics of a new language for Millennium III?

We are making great progress in our development of a Quantonics replacement for English language. We are developing a software tool which allows us to automate that remediation process. We are gradually remediating all Quantonics site text. You need to know that each page we remediate will show a top of page announcement. Pages without this announcement may have minor or no remediation. Also, current remediation uses a subset of our new Quantonics font. When our Quantonics font attains evolutionary progress acceptable to us, we will use our entire font set to remediate Quantonics' entire web site.
Doug - 10Jul2001.

Here is our developing Millennium III Quantonics Remediation for English Language. This remediation uses terms from our problematics below and from our coined Quantonics Terms. A terrific example of why we need new English language remediation is our comparison of MoQ, CR & SOM. Viewing that table you may comprehend how vastly different those three comtexts really are. You may also wish to read our June, 1999 QQA on thelogos. Dan Glover showed us how problematic English's classical uses of 'the' are. We took Dan's meme, observed it in a quantum comtext, and ran with it. Our results are surprising!
Doug - 12Apr2001.

Here is our preliminary list of problematic classical English terms which need quantum co-optive revision or replacement. As you can see, we have much work to do for our still pending July, 2000 QQA.
Doug - 31Mar2001.

We decided to defer work on this QQA until further notice. Progress on our quantum efforts discloses language issues which we need to cover here. As an example, we see a clear need to replace all classical 'con' prefixes in English with 'com' prefixes (mimicking William James' use of 'compenetrate') which describe quantum reality in a superior and more implicit way. Watch for future announcements on our top page. Doug - 26Aug2000.


What are some other problems with English language?
What problems can we identify which will help us develop a new language for Millennium III?

PDR-Rev. 14Apr2005 - Add text and links describing classical language as 'state-mental,' and how it needs revising to memeos of quantum stagings.
PDR-Rev. 2Aug2004 - See page top Talbot quotes.PDR-Rev. 6Apr2004 - See red text box under dialectical reason.
PDR-Rev. 6Dec2000 - See new paragraphs in red. Extensions to dialectical and analytical reason.


Is English language innately SOMitic?
How can we decide whether SOMitic language is problematic for Millennium III?

PDR-Rev. 12May2003 - See new paragraphs in red. Extensions comparing quantum and English language.


Does classical change differ from quantum/Quantonic change?
If differences exist, are they culturally and philosophically important for Millennium III?

PDR-Rev. 22Sep2006 - Add some links. Change 'differ' to 'omniffer,' appropriately. Minor reformating.
PDR-Rev. 4Sep2002 - See rev's at Apr2000QQA page bottom. Remediate quantum comtextual 'change' to 'changæ.' Add dissociative bullet to SOM and associative bullet to MoQ.
PDR-Rev. 10Jul2001 - See Quantonics' English Language remediation of our MoQ View of Change column.
PDR-Rev. 9Mar2001 - See new paragraphs in red. Extensions to 'one' and 'many' MoQ, CR, and SOM diff's.


What do you think MoQ implies about abortion's morality and ethics?


No QQAs published for these months.

Sep 1999

How did Pirsig adapt classical empiricism to his new philosophy, his Metaphysics of Quality? Why?

 Aug 1999

What does all this have to do with yin and yang?

PDR-Rev. 11Mar2009 - Add links and markups.

 Jul 1999

How do scientists and philosophers distinguish classical and quantum measurement?

PDR-Rev: 2Mar2016 - Add a Doug aside re classical vav quantum chaos management.
PDR-Rev: 25Jun2013- Add a novel omniscription of quantum~omnitoring based on Doug's recent efforts reviewing Jung's Red Book.
PDR-Rev: 26Dec2011- Add assumption comparisons of classical measurement canonically requires 'stability,' and quantum~measurement assumes 'instability.'
PDR-Rev. 2Jun2005 - Add page top Jammer quote on measurement
PDR-Rev. 18Mar2005 - See page bottom table comparing views and measurement heuristics across MoQ CR & SOM
PDR-Rev. 22May2001 - See our aside on quantum measurement's coherence/decoherence aspects near bottom of page.
PDR-Rev. 8Jan2001 - See new links to other pages on quantum interpretation and measurement problems.
We used Pirsig's MoQ and our QTMs to solve these major problems!

 Jun 1999

Should absolute skeptics use the?

May 1999

What differences distinguish Cultural Relativism and Pirsig's MoQ?

PDR-Rev 28Jul2000. Add simple comparison MoQ/SOM/CR to comments on James' pragmatism, near end of QQA.

 Apr 1999

Does MoQ explain emotion? How?

 Mar 1999

Is MoQ more ethical than SOM? Why?

PDR-Rev. 24Jun2008 - Add paragraph explaining Pirsig's quantum~usage of "right and wrong."
PDR-Rev. 20Sep2000 - Doug's response to AAAS' survey on global ethical rules for scientists.
PDR-Rev. 24Nov1999 - Rotblat's editorial in 19Nov1999 issue of Science magazine.
PDR-Rev. 20Aug1999 - 4Aug1999-LeBaron's paper: Pirsigean ethics;
Feb 1999 How did Phædrus denigrate the practitioners of psychiatry and psychoanalysis? Why?
 Jan 1999

What is intelligence and can you locate it? Why?

12Oct2006 rev - Add an open letter to Melissa Kaplan at

Dec 1998 Are you the same you now, or different from you one second ago? Why?

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