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Art -

The author of this web site intuits pictures present concepts and memes faster than words. Some of us were taught pictures tend to freeze ideas and latch concepts thus making change more difficult. The same folk say words do not. This author believes pictures are easy to change and have natural precedence over words in the process of developing new memes.

Architecture -

The architecture of our site's top page reflects Greek (and Roman) architectural techniques. One tie here is to Greek constraint of modern thought through their subject-object metaphysics.

Our arches appear strong and impregnable. They bear load and resist change. Greek thought and its descendants do exactly that to many of us in Western culture today. Strangely though, our arches look susceptible to change as though they are becoming wave-like.

On the other hand, the columns supporting the arches on the top page look almost coiled-spring-like — very un-Greek. They represent DNA, the ultimate agent of change in our known world.

If you view our columns as though they are lying down, you will see waves — two or four sets of sinusoids. Waves are foundation components of what we know about our reality today. So our columns represent changing reality, even though we normally view columns as static and unchanging.

The base is flat and solid and firm. It is ground. It is reliable, like our terra firma and our home-caves where we retreat from pressures of daily life.

When you put arches, columns, and base together in Zoharian both/and ways, you get sets of quantons and complementary balance of both static and dynamic aspects of reality.

Window a New Reality -

Our top page opens a window to a new reality called Quantonics.

Quantonics is a philosophy and science of complementary interrelationships.

Begin 29Jan-3Feb2009 Aside:

Please imagine Doug, nearly 11 years ago, writing that last sentence. "Keep it simple. Make it easy to grasp. Address your audience."

A lot of water has flowed under our bridges since then.

Today, Doug received an email from a long time student of Quantonics. He wants us to know him as DMD. DMD has helped Quantonics in countless ways. He challenged us to challenge our own assumptions. He forced us to tell him what we 'mean.' Forced us to explain novel terms which were necessitated by an extensive language and vocabulary which didn't even exist 11 years ago.

In past 11 years Doug has concluded, he believes correctly, that classical science is simply bogus due its entrenched and ubiquitous dialectic. Doug has found that many others (our titans) agree: Heraclitus, Zeno of Elea, Essene Jesus, ancient and Renaissance gnostics, Bergson, William James, Blake, Crowley (Aleister), Bohr, Bohm, Pirsig, Geertz, Stein, Ho, and many others.

To understand human belief systems one must fathom a comprehensive arena of thought. DMD thinks, and Doug tends to agree, that our sentence above, using that dastardly appellation 'science' makes our description of Quantonics somewhat inadequate. Doug's initial reaction was that Doug had fairly qualified his use of 'science' at our link to its QELR.

But as Doug thought more about it, he could see DMD's point.

Allow us to evolve our initial statement into a more comprehensive phasement of what Quantonics really is:

Quantonics is a gnosis, metaphysics, and philosophy of holographic~quantum~complementary~interrelationshipings, latter which we refer with utmost respect to McGill University's Dr. Mario Bunge as "quantons."

DMD reminded us that other titans of thought have said that no study of philosophy can ever be complete without including memes religious.

Over a period of 11 full time years (>35,000 hours) of effort we have covered most of those bases. We are confident Quantonics is circa 2009's best philosophy currently available. It is a mixture of our titans' thoughts and beliefs, plus Doug's own novel memes, memeotics, heuristics and hermeneutics. Doug can honestly say that Quantonics combined with Pirsig's MoQ represents what we intend when we say any of these words, "Sophia, wisdom, gnosis, and their analogues."

Too, for comparison, we view classical science and dialectic as bogus. Crowley said, "[classical] Reason is a lie." We live in an era of dialectical Error. We call gnostic Jesus "a christ." So Christianity is a lie! We live in a world of scientific and religious lies while social academe and 'the church' keep shoving this bilge into our and our children's minds.

Quantonics is about change, quantum~change. We want all of humanity to learn what we just wrote, learn that Iht is so, learn how we are being told and carefully taught scientific and religious detritus.

We are asking us to stop engaging in dialectical reason. Start learning how to engage in quantum~stagings'~holographic~gnostic~th~ought.

Obama is a tell of imminence and immanence of a tsunami of quantum~change. Be part of it. Jump on n¤w's edge. Become all changings you seek. Will to do your own vicissitudinal changings. Will to n¤t do what you hate.

Thank you for reading. Doug.

End 29Jan-3Feb2009 Aside.

Quality Thoughts -

Quantonics site's top page is a window on quality. Our mentor (he probably will not admit to this) on this subject is Robert M. Pirsig. Much of our site is built upon Pirsig's concepts developed in his works: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM), Lila, and a paper titled Subjects, Objects, Data and Values (SODV).

Quantum Thoughts -

Quantonics site's top page is a window on the quantum connection to quality. Many neo-physicists see strong parallels twixt Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ) and quantum science. This web site wants to pursue the memes and preferences of those parallels.

Quantonic Thoughts -

Our top page is a window on a new meme: Quantonics. It is a way for you, the site visitor, to learn about and participate in a propagation of Quantonic Thinking. Quantonics as you will see, brings together Pirsig's MoQ and quantum science as appropriate and necessary personal and business tools for success in Western culture's third millennium.

Quantonic Thinking permits us to escape a legacy death grip of Western culture's (Subject-Object) classical education.

Three Themes -

Our three arches represent three themes based upon Quantonics web site's motto: Productivity and sharing through new memes.

For profit Quantonics, Inc. appears under a smaller right column. This is our productivity theme — free enterprise delivering Quantonic products and services to a vast global market.

Under a smaller left column is The Quantonics Society, a not for profit organization. This is our sharing theme — a group of people who want to work with research institutions and academia to learn, teach, and research Quantonics.

A larger middle column is our font, our grail, our source. This is our meme theme — a global community of authors, researchers, theorists, lay people, and entrepreneurs generating new Quantonic memes.

Artist -

Paul Douglas Renselle.
1. "This is perhaps the place to make a more general point about the scourge of the language we have to communicate in. If we let this language dominate our thoughts, as some philosophers seem to believe we must, it will surely reduce us all to idiots who take everything literally. Actually, we never take anything just literally, even in ordinary discourse. If we did, we would not only lose all the meaning behind the words, but also the unfathomable magic." P. 104, by Mae-Wan Ho, in the Rainbow and the Worm, World Scientific, paperback, 1993. Also see her ~1999-2000 2nd edition.
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2. "[Science,] It is to initiate us fully into the poetry that is the soul of nature, the poetry that is ultimately always beyond what theories or words can say." P. viii, by Mae-Wan Ho, in the Rainbow and the Worm, World Scientific, paperback, 1993.
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3. "Our education already suffers from a surfeit of facile, simplistic answers which serve to explain away the phenomena, and hence to deaden the imagination and dull the intellect." P. 4, by Mae-Wan Ho, in the Rainbow and the Worm, World Scientific, paperback, 1993.
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