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What are the False Claims of 'the Church?'

A Voltaire HotMeme™ "The first divine was the first rogue who met the first fool." A Voltaire HotMeme™.
See Will Durant's The Story of Philosophy. Voltaire: Francois Marie Arouet.

False claims made by 'the church' are simply dialectical Errors made by 'the church.'

Let's make a list in an tabular emerqancy:


What are the False Claims of 'the Church?'
(Both past and current. The 'church' has recanted some, e.g. 1, 2, 14 and 15.)
1. The Earth is flat.
2. The Earth is the center of the universe.
3. Reality is a monism.


The church 'knows' what God wants.
5. Opus Dei 'knows' what God wants.
6. Aquinas' dialectic defines 'the church's' logic. Aquinas' 'logic' denies the logos and the account. Aquinas' Error, i.e., dialectic, was following Aristotle!
7. 'The church' knows what is true, what is truth, and what is absolute. 'The church' is absolutely certain about this.
8. God is not in humankind. To say this and believe this is blasphemy according 'the church.' (Note how this violates Jesus' own words.)
9. Humankind are not in God. To say this and believe this is blasphemy according 'the church.' (Note how this violates Jesus' own words. Ellipsis assumed by Doug in Farewell Discourse.)
10. Heresy is blasphemy since it violates 'the church's' canon law. (Intra Quantonics research, e.g., Iranæus and Hippolytus, a protégé.)
11. Gnostics are heretics. Anyone who doesn't adhere 'the church's' canon law is a heretic and a blasphemer.
12. Jesus is the Christ. Jesus denies this and called Peter "Satan" for calling Jesus 'the Christ.' Jesus told his disciples to never refer him 'the Christ.'
13. Peter's building of Peter's (Roman 'Çatholiç) church on Jesus gives validity and gravitas to 'the Church.' Jesus retorted, "No Peter you will not build your church on me. I shall build my church on humanity."
14. The Pope is infallible.
15. Mary Magdalene is a whore. See Doug's What is Gnosis? for partial exegesis of this issue.
16. Life is a monism. You only get one life then you die and that's it! This kind of monism declares a falsity of radical finalism...eschaton. You can grasp this falsity as a violation of Jesus' declaration of an immortal soul and Jesus' Essene gnosis of cyclic perpetuity of living, then dying, then living, then dying. Our cells in our bodies practice this cyclic perpetuity through cellular apoptosis, cellular resurrection about one million times per second.
17. Monistically there is just one Satan AKA 'the devil' based upon dialectical Aristotelian and Thomas Aquinas' dialectical logic. This claim denies reality is quantum. It denies Peter as a Satan. It accepts Judas as a Satan. But, according Jesus' own Gnostic Qabalic Autiot, Jesus saw Peter as Satan One and Judas as Satan Two. Con(m)sider quantum~complementary~antinomialism of quanton(Judas,Peter). See Suares on Two Satans, borne of quantum~antinomialism. Quanton(Satan_Two,Satan_One). On this basis we can antinomially assess better vis-à-vis worse: bettership (Judas assisting Jesus' plan to role play, for instructive purposes and exemplification of antinomialq indetermination, his own crucifixion (apoptosis) and resurrection (re incarnation) as quantum~antinomial quanton(reincarnation,crucifixion).) vis-à-vis worseship (Peter rebuking Jesus' church of individual humanity). Peter said to Jesus, "You are the 'christ' and I will build my church on you." Jesus replied, "Get away from me Satan (One), you shall n¤t build your church on me, I shall build my church on individual humanity." Keep in mind that Peter was a (dialectically Roman-Israeli patriarchal) misogynist and by comparison (i.e., quantum~antinomialism) Jesus wanted Mary Magdalene to head his Gnostic church. Refer opuses of Carlo Suares, Elaine Pagels, Baigent-Leigh-Lincoln, Lawrence Gardner, Carl Gustave Jung, etc. Peter is Yod without Aleph. Judas is Y¤d with Aleph. See Doug's coining of complamental. Con(m)sider antinomialq aspects of complamentality. Also realize metaphorically~aphoristically, analogically a day is a thousand years in Jesus' Qabala and "On the third day Peter's reign ends: dialectic ends." Doug - 30Apr2013.

According Carlo Suares 'the church's' major false claim is this, "It may well be that the greatest error of the Christian dogma is the assertion that the Holy Ghost engendered an infant [Jesus] only once, and at a certain date." P. 208, Suares' Trilogy. Doug's brackets.

This is a most damaging error by 'the church' against itself and explains much of current 'church's' unstoppable regression...its persistent throes of dying leading to its "dead-death."

Jesus was very clear in his teachings, "I am [alive] ihn you. You are [alive] ihn me. I am [alive] ihn God. God is [alive] ihn me. Therefore God is [alive] ihn you." Farewell Discourse, Fourth Gospel, NT. This quote of Jesus issi powerfully allegorical of Qabala and Gnosis' "Aleph issi ihn one's blood." That issi Adam (A issi Aleph, Dam issi blood) interpreted in Autiot and its Gematria. Further Ben Adam issi evolution of Aleph cowithihn blood! Doug - 22Mar2016.

Doug's linguisticq usage of h~bar. Doug's brackets may be clearer when you read them as "aliveq and living~evolvingq." But 'the church' (Romans) killed (crucified) Jesus. And 'the church' denies Jesus' and God's alive~living ihn us. 'The church,' as 'the demiurge,' (YahWeh) wants social-religious hegemony over its orthodoxized, hive-droned "flock," AKA "us." But 'the church' cann¤t claim such hegemony when both God and Jesus (YhShWh) the Jew, n¤t the demiurge's social-hegemonic 'christ') are ihn us and vice versa. Need for a social religious 'church' evaporates...unambiguously. None of us needs said 'church's' social hegemony. Said 'church' is redundant (much like education's current brick and mortar socialc institutions), and worseshipfully dialectical. Jesus calls dialectic both "Error" and "Satan." Doug - 11May2014.

 19.  Etc.      

Clearly, 'the church,' is a hylic-dialectical institution to its very core.

Thank you for reading,

Expect this list to grow, indefinitely.


Doug - 11Jun2012, 22Mar2016.


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