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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot I Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Hologralex™ I Words Index
Im - Masculine plural

Imi - Organic sphere ihn existence

New! 20-21Feb2015.

Iot - Feminine plural letter-numbers, existent heretical conscious life Ivra - Created

Hologralex™ I Words' Content




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Masculine plural
Index Im (Yod~Mem: 20.40)

As an exemplar consider elohim, "god as masculine." Suares, "In [Autiot] the masculine plural Im and the feminine Aut sometimes have transpositions that are apparently disconcerting." Page 412, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, 1976. Doug's brackets.

Readers must realize that Autiot, all of them, are and can be (extremely) semasiologically overloaded. This is both powerful and "disconcerting" until one uses Autiot to believe, think, write, say and do. Most powerful in Autiot is its ability to express a memeq for elect~pneumatics which means (as a Platonic state-ic 'ideac') something entirely omnifferent to hylic socialc OSFA 'common sense' semantic-literalists. Doug is still a pre initiate, yet he can grasp that linguistic power and its unlimited potentiaq.

Doug's own Quantum~Chaldæan~Gnosis shows G¤d is (omniscribes analogously as) a endogenic (Autiot (female)~Yassod (male)) self~fertilizing Feminine Hermaphrodite. How can we alter elohim to be hermaphroditic? Try this: Elohim[i]ot; Doug's Autiot script coining. Elohimot spelled out Aleph~Lammed~Waw~Hay~Yod~Mem~Waw~Tav: (1000. Most extraordinary about this coining is it shows G¤d's masculine forceful exhalation (Hæ) fertilizing Hær own T[h]av~feminine~echoed~retroreflected inhalation (Shæ). Doug now at this very moment feels much as Dirac did when he derived quantum~uncertainty as a state-ic Poisson Bracket [x,y] equals ih/(2 x pi). "Dirac once said the most exciting moment of his life was the moment of its revelation." Quote by-of Banesh Hoffmann, The Strange Story of the Quantum.
Organic sphere ihn existence

Organic sphere ihn existence

Organic sphere ihn existence

Organic sphere ihn existence
Index Imi (Yod~Mem~Yod: 10.40.10)

Compare, imaginatively,
Mim (Mem~Yod~Mem: 40.10.40).

It sounds like 'meme.'

It means Yod ihn~folded ihn Spheres of Organic quantum~energyings.

Meme issi a way of saying any Yod evolves: Mim.

Imi (eemi?) issi a way of saying Yod tends to trap (sebakah) Mem inc actuality. It's a way of saying roughly Bayt~Mem~Bayt: blasphemously (i.e., via innate denialc of Aleph), "Mem inc SOM's Box."

When Yod dialectically denies Aleph, Yod hylically mimics an idealc deadc Baytc.

Ihn Qabala said denial is d'evil (genuine classical-insanity) itself. Suares would explain putatively (perhaps) like this, "Aleph issi ihn Bayt." To deny that is classical, dialectical blasphemy! Recall, Pirsig taught us, "Always keep DQ with your SQ." Let's say that using Aleph~Bayt~Yod, "Always keep Aleph with your Bayt~Yod."

When Yod quantumly embraces Aleph, Yod pneumatically~psychically adjures an evolvingq livingq Vaytq.

Imi antinomiallyq complementsq Mim: Mem quantum~ihn~folded ihn existence.

Doug - 20-21Feb2015.

Imi is seventh word in Song of Songs I:6, "Al-Tirooni She'ani Sh'hharhhoret Sh'shzafatni Ha'shemesh Bni Imi NihherouBi Samooni Noterah etHakiramim Karmi Sheli LaNatarti."

Under Interpretations, column left, Doug compares Imi as, "...a way of saying Yod tends to trap (sebakah) Mem inc actuality."

This is autsimilar today's wwwc and its holographicc cloud. It tends to energy~well us into localisms which perceive themselves as 'global,' given reach of www as itself: classically earth-global, earth-chauvinistic, earth-viewing-myopicc.

As long as that net is digital (dialectical) at its core, it reallyq isn't quantum. It is only beginning a very long evolutionary journey from a mix of analog~digital to quantum. That journey is accelerating now. As this emerqancy increases its rates of evolutionings, more and more quantum~phenomena will appear and become standard~practice (wMBU™) in howq humans perceive actualityq and its cosmic quantum~complements. This evolutionaryq pr¤cæss is good. Humans, currently, cannot change themselves quickly. It takes generations, perhaps secula, to make changesq of this calibre happen as an 'evolutionq of humanityq.'

Today's 'state' (fun-dumb)mentalities will evolveq into changeq (h¤l¤gra)mentalityings.

As Bergson has taught us, Creative Evolution and its 'change' is: "'state' insuperable." Literally 'state' and its claims of 'change' as heresyc, in any sense that change is source and agency of unlimited choices and chances, we re cognize (quantum~recapitulate, quantum~reheadulate) howq 'state' is deadly to itself. Death of 'state' leads, again, as Bergson showed us, to individualq gnosticq choiceq as Time and Free Will. Pneumaticallyq, change, quantum~changings are insuperable! Implication? State is dead. Those who put all their time and energy into sustaining 'stability,' are wasting their time and resources. State and its insistent cohort 'stability' are doomed.

More than just opine...Doug - 21Feb2015.

Feminine plural letter-numbers, existentq heretical consciousq lifeq
Index Iot: 10.6.400 Iot is Aut's plural. Understood (which few can), Iot represents an awarenessq of the heart of Sepher Yetsira. Iot represents temporal, structured action of Yod fertilizing Tav. A consciousq lifeq of actualityq. Actualq lifeq of Yod actingq ihn quantum~antinomial~complementarity with Aut upon Tav. Iot represents existentq lifeq (Jungian~) consciouslyq (hologra[[il][lex][m][ph]]ically) actingq through Waw on Tav. Iot is a actualq projectionq of Yod in Tav assa both Yod's old endingq and its new beginningq, a kind of quantum~flux echoq. A lifeq (livingsq) of Yod. Iot is part of life'sq 'issi double flow' of cosmic~energy.

Consider how important Jung's psychology of quanton(unconscious,quanton(subconscious,conscious)) depended upon his own Jewish intuitions about two lives (livingsq) of Aut (livingsq of Aleph (1) ihn uhs) and Iot (livingsq of Yodq (10) ihn uhs). See Doug's Aleph~Yod script.

Observe how quanton(Aut,Iot) represents Doug's scripting of Aleph~Yod as Yod abiding Aleph in its actual-consciousq livingsq. Feminine~plural Yod abiding Aleph is hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]ic EIMA grailicq quantum~antinomial~complementarity exhibited as comma~n¤space ihn Doug's quanton(Aut,Iot).

Index Ivra (Yod~Vayt~Raysh: 10.2.200) created

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