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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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See object. A classical 'particle' is a Newtonian point object. A quantum 'particle' is a quanton.

See our Act I review of Banesh Hoffman's The Strange Story of the Quantum on "Wave or Particle." Read several paragraphs prior that for con(m)textual set-up of classical notions of 'particle,' as sillygistically applied by Einstein.

To put it very simply, there are n¤ classical 'particles' in quantum reality! Quantum reality is flux, waves, and thus stochastic as probability (pastings), plausibility (nowings), likelihood (futurings). See our QELR of time. Classically, ideally, objective 'particles' do n¤t change with time. By classical canon 'law' classical 'particles' are immutable, impenetrable concrete reality. They are cartesian 3D1T, <x,y,z,t>, space-time 'locus' mobile as whole objects but they do n¤t change, per se, 'by themselves.'

All quanta (quantons) are quantum absolute EIMA flux. So classical notions of 'particle' and 'particulateness' are bogus, flatly SOM-thingk bogus.

All quanta (quantons) evolve holographically with massively ensemble quantum~heterophasic, ~heterotemporal, ~heterospatial, and ~heterogravitational l¤cal and n¤n l¤cal interrelationshipings. Therefore all quanta are enthymemetic. They are quantumly~partial evolutionary works in progress. Enthymeme means partial logic. Classical Thing-king Methods (CTMs) call all enthymemes, all partial logic "false." Classically then quantum reality is "false." We have direct evidence of CTMs calling reality false, but we know otherwise: CTMs are bogus, ersatz, anachronistic, pseudo, radically wr¤ng, parochial, provincial, naïve, chauvinistic, etc. CTMs are a tragedy of commons sense. "Vulgi Opinio Error!" Doug - 11Mar2009.

Doug - 12Dec2007.

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