Doug's Translation
Genesis XXXVI Esau Genealogy
Chapter XXXVI
Mimicking Carlo Suares'
Thermodynamic Qabala

Regarding Genesis XXXVI Esau Genealogy:

Doug is following a Hebrew interlinear English version of Genesis which he found on Internet. Version which Doug is using is from Scripture 4 All. This resource is new to Doug, but it appears to be a good one. It shows idiom from left to right with individual Hebrew words ciphered appropriately right to left. It is an authorized translation taken from Westminster Leningrad Codex with vowels. Idiom used here is very unlike what Doug is familiar with from Carlo Suares. Doug prefers latter and will use that in both his retranslation of idiom sometimes with quantum~remediation, and QCS™ combined with relevant Comcision. This source does not appear to reflect what Doug means by 'modern' (dialectical) Hebrew. So it may be closer to how Abraham's Autiot initiates may have read it. Let's hope so...

Doug has noticed in this reference, however, that ~Qof~ appears to be treated without what Suares refers, "Qof's role and ~situation~ of destroying illusions and delusions." This is important, at least to Doug, regarding how we treat Caheen (Cain), and all other ~schema~ (Autiot) which have Qof in them. That is what we ~experience~ elsewhere so far... Doug will follow his approach used so far in John (Magdalene), and that is to use a light green text background throughout wherever Qof appears (in idiom, remediation, and ~qwfal~ Comcision).

It is good to keep in mind that contemporary Hebrew, excepting Autiot and ~Gematria~ do not carry sema of Abraham's Autiot. Modern Hebrew idiom (apparently) carries little resemblance to Aut (~ana~coquecigruesical~) symbols' sema of Abraham's time. Doug is assuming that Abraham had a grasp of Autiot more ~metabolic~ than its modern versions' relatively intransigent objective, formal, dialectical idiom.

Doug, following Suares, assumes reality issi ~metabolic~. If that assumption is acceptable, then all of Autiot, its ~Gematria~, its Qabala, its Gnoses, its Seraphim, and Sefirot should reflect a language which too is ~metabolic~.

Our reference text does not do that. So part of Doug's retranslation effort will be to remediate as Doug sees fit. This may offend some. Doug isn't doing this for any purpose of offense, rather a way of bringing ancient ~metabolic~ memes into a more quantum real expression of our world CeodE 2018... We are in Day three. Prophecy expects great change during this millennium, likely much chaos too. Doug may be viewed as part of that change and chaos, if you prefer.

To retranslate Genesis in Suares' quantum~hologralq~fluxodynamic language, we need a legend of Autiot and their ~Gematria~. Let's use Suares' Letter~Numbers as our reference:

Table of Autiot's 27 Letters in Three Rows of Nine
Transcribed from Carlo Suares' Cipher of Genesis
Doug Renselle

Esau Genealogy

©Quantonics, Inc., 2019-2038

Retranslation of Genesis XXXVI List of Names, A Genealogy, of Generations of Esau

This chapter appears to openq a novel Chautauqua, at least for Doug.

It issi takeings more timeings! Doug issi ~spiritually~ adaptingq self to some memesets he has not prior experienced in this translation endeavor of his.

That endeavor began in March, all of this translation has been accomplished so far in just less than four years. Doug commenced with his SY Hologralexology¬ô.

Genealogical names of this Chapter of Genesis appear initially assa placeings huge emphases on ~enlightenmentingsq~ and both ~existentialq~ and ~cosmic~ lifeq~principleingsq~.

Doug issi also ~finding~ many more uses of memesets of destruction of dialectic (plausibly implied idiomatic destruction of Satan) than he did in first 35 chapters of Genesis.

I know it is takeings more ~timeings~ than is comfortable, but I do not want to take this novel spiritual effervescence I am feeling lightly...

Doug would like to ask Muslims, "Do you ~fathom~ dialectic assa Satan?" I understand that any answer cannot be generic.

Sadly, Xtianity worseships dialectic!

Doug has perused an Anglis translation of Quran: it is loaded with dialectic, but that can be wholly borne of an inept translator, yes?

We appear to be in a MIII Winter of our richter~hylic~psychic~pneumatic struggle with dialectic.

. . .

I am publishing just genealogy portion of this chapter first. Five first verses will follow in a few days...

Doug - 4Feb2019.

. . .

Before Doug commences verse by verse detail fluxodynamic translation of Gen XXXVI, Doug wants to show all names referred in this chapter.

Doug issi, simply, very ignorant of biblical history. That ignorance attends a tabula rasa for Doug's Gnostic epistemological growth.

Doug senses something big happening in this chapter.

This appears to Doug assa Hatfields and McCoys schism, a dialectical schism starting previously with Rebeqah's hatred of Esau: because Esau hated YahWeh.

Refer Gen XXXII:3 Why Rebeqah and Jaqob Hate Esau.

This list of names makes a break from names we have become familiar with in generations of Isaaq and Jaqob.

Doug issi interested in gathering forensics of names of Esau's generation vav those of Jaqob's generation.

Unsure at this juncture whether this is of ~Valueq~, but Doug wants to pursue it.
Otherwise, forbid such a thought, for Doug... Gen XXXVI appears on its surface
[sur face; sur issi old French hyper, Doug, beggingq pneuma; See Robert K. Barnhart's Dictionary of Etymology.]
as a waste of Doug's forensic fluxodynamic translation endeavors.

At very least Gen XXXVI shows uhs a schism, a rather unfortunate schism, twixt Jews [Isaaq, actually Hebraics...] and Muslims [Ishmael].
Forensically that schism appears to align Primal~Paths issues of quantons(atemporal_Gen:II,temporal_Gen:I).
For example in this forensic opus Doug realizes for his first ~timeings~ that we might comsider, temporally, a Paths' ~memeset~ of two Esaus (like Abel and unAbel):

Esau as portrayed throughout OT: temporal Esau: Ayn~Seen~Waw, and
Doug's com(n)trived Esau: atemporal Esau: ~Aleph~Seen~Ayn~Waw~.

Now ponder "Esau.temporal hated Yahweh.atemporal."

Esau would have 'no' |part| of ~Aleph~, just like Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zealots, all of whom deny "Aleph ihn their blood."

See Doug's Aleph~Yod Script.

Just keep in mind: Who builds dialectical schisms? Dialectical men and women: those ~adhereing~ dialectical patriarchy, just like Romans...
People whose dialectical thought richter scales fall twixt 1 and 3.

hylic-thought: richter 1: ~30
psychic-thought: richter 2 : 1000
hylic~psychic~thought: richter 3: ~30,000
psychic~pneumatic~thought: richter 5: ~30 million
pneumatic~thought: richter 9: ~30 trillion [cosmic comsciousness...]

Let's see what happens. You may want to re review Malachi.

A big query: "Is this a Muslim genealogy?"

Why? Forensically, how can we be k~n¤w~ingsq ~omnifferenceings~ twixt genealogies Muslim vav Hebrew?

One way may be to count Autiot occurrences in two lists and see what quantum~forensics stand out for each.

Can we ~relateq~ Egyptian, Muslim, and Hebrew signs (Autiot: and Egyptian-Muslim equivalent) forensically like that?

Doug intuits that based upon Suares' quoted remarks re Schemou in Sepher Yetsira I.
If Qabalic names arera forensic, then Doug's surmise may suffice.

[Again,] Arera Esau's genealogy names Qabalic?

You shall find herein Doug's ongoings applications of Gametria™ to real world exemplars: study following Comcisions well.

Doug - 1-5,15Feb2019.

Genesis XXXVI Esau Generation Names Spelled Out


(some guesses)

An Internet Literal
(some altered by Doug)

Doug's Suaresian Qabalic Translation







Esau, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ focused evolution of ~cosmic~metabolismings~ prolific ~fecundationingsq~...]

Aassoo: they made.

We have also seen Esaau: Aleph~Seen~Ayn~Waw: 1.300.70.6.

Both focus light of evolutionaryq metabolismq.

Doug would ask you to associate:

focused metabolic evolution [potentially dialectical]
diffuse metabolic evolution [plausibly hologral].

Focus may imply intentional y=f(t) determined Irenaean anti-heretical |planning|.

Stuff like |dead| OWO and OSFA.

Esau hated YahWeh: See Doug's recent Yahweh QED and Ehieh QCD.

QED plauses stochastic quantizationings: ~choiceings~ and quantum~leap ~chanceings~.

It appears to Doug, Esau doesn't play Quantonics Qabalic Gametria™.

Esau issi wholly material, hylic, wholly decoherent.

Very likely, Esau would adhere today's PC with great ease, unrealizeings, Thomas Digges' 1600 ~enlightenedq~ Vulgi Opinio Error.

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Edom, assa ~Aleph.1q~ ~encounterings~ ~gate~wayveings~ educeings ~livingsq~ Valueings ~{cavitational~fecundationingsq~ expectationings ~cowithihnq~ ~reverberationalq~cosmic~biosphereings}~, ...]

~1.4~ ~{6 600}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Canaan, assa impermeableq fermionic ~grailingsq~ Mobius twistings Valueings ~{cavitational~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ ~overlapq~entangleingsq~ of Valueings QED ~{cavitational~enlightenmentingsq~ scintillateings expectationings ~reverberationalq~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq}~}~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~....]

~20~ ~{50 ~{70 700}~}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Doug finds QCS™ for Canaan very real: a good proxy for qwfal~realityings~ them~selvesq~...

...Quantum~Mobius twists and turns and Escher~esque Heraclitean ups and downs of ~enlighteningsq~ one's two~lobed CH3 path~wayveings~ through both ~existentialq~ and ~cosmic~principleingsq~ of ~livingsq~.

See Doug's quantum~assessments link and sub Gametria™ for qubit.

Doug - 1,4-5Feb2019.






Adah, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ ~gate~wayveings~ ~livingsq~...]

It is unclear whether Adah practices dialectic, possibly destroys dialectic.

It is doubtful a temporal.Esau would marry a atemporal.pneumatic destroyer of dialectic.

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Elon, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~enlightenmentingsq~ QEDically~scintillateings ~exihstenceingsq~ ~metabolismings~ of ~fecundationingsq~ expectationings assiduous ~adhereingsq~ ~reverberationalq~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq}~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~{70 ~10.30.6~ ~700}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Elon, father of [and Anah: the living one, mother of] Adah who is wife of Esau, and Elon's name reaches for highest pneumatic ~principleingsq~ of ~livingsq~. Noble, indeed.

Does this offer any justification of Esau's |hatred| of YahWeh?

Is it a tell?

|Dialectic| vav its ~auturgic~antithesis~...

Is that |justify|, ~justify~?

Language forensics arera critical and strategic; do~due n¤t |demur|, ~eject~ your |timidity|.

I know! Tain't easy...

~Valueq~ issi pneumatic, ~wealth~ of ~Hhayt~ issi pneumatic.

Dialectic outright denies pneuma, by denying Aleph ~cowithihnq~ blood.

It seems to Doug, that Esau and his entire offspring would have to deny Adam assa "Aleph ~cowithihnq~ blood." Denying YahWeh appears to mandate that...

Gametria™ at its S&R finest!

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Hittite, assa vestigial ~livingsq~ Valueings mor viscous permeableq ~{cavitational~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~ ~synaptics~ expectationings wholly permeable ~reverberationalq~cosmic~vital~impedanceings}~ offeringsq a memeoryings' ~wayveings~ ¤ut ihnto ~exihstenceingsq~, ...]

~5~ ~{400 400}~ ~10~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Doug doesn't know situation and role here, so he assumes a good memory is paramount.

Viscous Memeoryings issi light~shallow leaks ~{400 ~synapses~ 400}~ heavy~deep leaks.

Some th~¤ughts have low gradience with longer QTPs than others...

Fewer leaks: light leaks ~{400 ~synapses~ permeableq ~400}~ light leaks.

No leaks: impermeable ~{Tav~ ~synapses~ impermeableq ~Tav}~

A cryogenic chamber?
A thermos bottle?

Behavioral rqcs Gametria™ on Girl!

Comtexts: ephemeral external, ephemeral quantons(left,CC,right) in situ localityings. Plus...

What might QME Hittite? ~Presence~ of ~Sheen~. A pre~sense of QME? Expectationings?

What kind of Xistor can do~due all of that...?

CC: Corpus Callosum.

Doug - 1,15Feb2019.






Aholibamah, assa vestigial projectingsq from ~{cavitational~Aleph.1q~ of vestigial ~divineq~ FOCHR ~{cavitational~livingsq~ ~laseings~ ~metabolismings~ to ~reverberationalq~exihstenceingsq}~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~somaticq~ ~biosphereings~ ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~livingsq}~...]

~{1 ~{5 ~30~ ~10}~ ~2.40~ ~5}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Onomatopoetically it sounds like "A holi 'Bama.'"

Unpossible: O'Bummer issi just like Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zealots: PC social, lieberal, skid-marxist.

There appear two ~swfs~

~30~: ~existentialq~ ~metabolismings~,
~2.40~: somatic ~existentialq~ ~biosphereings~.

There appear two ~overlapq~entangleingsq~ cavitationings:

a projectionings: ~{1 ~{5 ~30~ ~10}~
an ~overlappingsq~ ~divineq~ FOCHR: ~{5 ~30~ ~10}~ ~2.40~ ~5}~

Notice if we remove Aleph: "Holi Bama."

O'Bummer without Aleph.

FOCHR: Fractal, ~Omnilateral~, Coherent, ~Hologral~, ~Recursioningsq~.

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Zibeon, assa fermionic ~structurationings~ of ~somaq~ Valueings ~{cavitational~enlightenmentingsq~ ~coobsfectingsq~ prolific ~fecundationingsq~ expectationings assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~reverberationalq~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq}~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~90.2~ ~{70 ~6~ ~700}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Hivite, assa Rule.5 ~livingsq~ buoyed by ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ kindleings ~fecundationingsq~ with ~exihstenceingsq~...]






Bashemath, assa ~somaq~ of ~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~experienceingsq~ and ~evokeingsq~ Valueings of ~{cavitational~biosphereings~ expectationings death by permeable ~reverberationalq~cosmic~vital~impedanceings}~...]

~2.300~ ~{40 400}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~
~2.300~ ~{Met}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~
~2.300~ ~{deathings}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~
~2.300~ ~{Bayt glide~slope of hysteresis~ihn}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

See Gen XXVI:34 word 14.

Name of a metabolic ~cata~ ~breatheings~ihn~ mother of death: compare Em~Met: Emet: Truthings.

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Ishmael, assa ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~exihstenceingsq~ ~overlapq~entangleingsq~ Valueings ~{cavitational~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~d~evolveingsq~ ~biosphereings~ via QED ~enlightenmentingsq~ to ~reverberationalq~Aleph.1q~}~ attractionings ~reverberationalq~metabolismings}~...]

~{10 ~{300 ~40.70~ ~1}~ ~30}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Study Doug's (Suares') Shemou of Ishmael.

. . .

Authorize Doug to view Ishmael in more literal wayveings:

Ishmael: "A name ihn ~exihstenceingsq~ of an ~enlightenedq~ Alephicq god of ~metabolismings~."

A notion of cathedral (ex cathedra) emerges, yæs?

Further reiterate that linguistic forensic comparatively assa:

Yeshooaa: "An ~existentialq~ ~cosmic~metabolismq ~enlighteningsq~ ~fecund~interrelationshipings~ (quantons(uhs,Iht))." Essence of Yeshooaa's indictment. They [Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, etc.] called him a liar! They indicted him for his Name in Qabala! Simon Peter agreed.

Thinkq about that. Yeshooaa was declaring ~QR~!

Who are liars? Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zealots: all hylic dialecticians. Crum de la Scum.

Let's indict them and their dialectical hypocrisy. Let's stone their hylic |ideasets|. A new quantum philosophy issi ihn town...

~Memesets~ of: "wæ arera ihn the bazaar and the bazaar issi ihn uhs," green shoot SOON emerq: a Qabalic Gnosis of uhs.


. . .

Notice how Yeshooaa makes n¤ mention of Aleph.1q. Aleph issi a [the] sacred name protected ineffably, by YahWeh. Aleph issi ~cowithihnq~ ~Yod~ via its ~Ab~ embodiment.

Yeshooaa: "Living Father [Ab: the name] issi ~cowithihnq~ me and I am ~cowithihnq~ Living Father." Beware gender bias of dialectical idiom.

[Gender bias is indeed, unfortunate. Aleph n¤r Bayt have any gender at all unless wæ tender gender assa quantum~stochasticq, like all qwfs.]

Yeshooaa was indicted and convicted for saying that. And [grossly dialectical] Simon Peter betrayed Yeshooaa three times...

~Fathom~ how the name Aleph issi irrevocably fluxodynamically, sempiternally embodied ubiquitously ~cowithihnq~ somaq assa ~Ab~ [the Shem [in Qabala]]. Doug can narrate some quantonic script for ~Yod~ autsimilarly assa exemplified by ~Ab~, say ~Aleph~Yod~: quantons(Aleph,Yod).

Doug - 1,15Feb2019.






Nebajoth, assa ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~somaq~ ~cowithihnq~ ~exihstenceingsq~ of prolificq ~fecundationingsq~ ~encounterings~ permeableq ~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~...]






Eliphaz, assa projectingsq from ~{cavitational~Aleph.1q~ of ~metabolismings~ to ~reverberationalq~exihstenceingsq}~ emphasizeings ~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq'~ ~unlimitedq~potentiaq~...]

~{1 ~30~ ~10}~ ~80.7~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~


~{1 ~30~ ~10}~


~{1 ~30~ ~400}~: theme of SoS. Ponder ~{At}~ assa half a cavitation, fluxoid 0, AKA ana of meta, of Atta. By inference ~{tA}~ issi half a cavitation, fluxoid 1, AKA cata of meta, of ~{Atta}~.

Does that help you ~fathom~ how wobbleing fermionic antinomialism issi built~ihn to ~QR~? What arera implications of that for what wæ mean by spatial?

Issi that a requisite of Gametria™? Do~due Gametria™'s goggles wobble?

Review word 1 Comcision at that SoS link.

Doug - 1,15Feb2019.






Reuel, assa ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ supportings ~enlightenmentingsq~ QED of ~fecundationingsq~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~Aleph.1q's~ ~metabolismings~...]

There issi a potential hint of ~Raa~ here, but wæ arera k~n¤w~ings ~Raa~ itself issi rqcs antinomial quantons(good,evil).

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Jeush, assa ~divineq~ FOCHRS ~{cavitational~exihstenceingsq~ ~laseings~ synaptically ~enlightenmentingsq~ QED ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~exihstenceingsq}~ QMEings accordings ~cosmic~metabolismings~...]

~{10 ~70~ ~10}~ ~300~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Gametria™ of synaptically ~enlightenedq~ Gametraic™ AEFings quantons(mind,body), quantons(other,self), quantons(fptoleft,CC,fptoright) etc.

CC: Corpus Callosum.

Review Doug's Gametraic™ ~Hologral~ simple. Pendula, fermions, spins 1/2, arera simply Gematraic™.

Pendula: undulaq, quantadula, quantahavah,...

Doug - 1,15Feb2019.






Jaalam, assa ~exihstenceingsq~ QED ~enlightenmentingsq~ mutatively ~coobsfectingsq~ ~metabolismings~ ~cowithihnq~ ~cosmic~biosphereings~...]

"~Existentialq~ light ~evolveingsq~ ~metabolismings~ biospherically."

Doug - 1Feb2019.






Qorahh, assa ~cosmic~vital~impetusingsq~ destruction of dialectic illusions ~among~ ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ supportings ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~...]

Compare Qoran.

Isn't it interesting that Anglis version Quran issi wholly littered with dialectic.

Is that a translation ~Bayah~, else what?

Do Muslims interpret Quran dialectically? Doug does not have any direct, hard evidence of that.

Anecdotally, a tell, an unsubtle one, issi some Muslim's hermeneutics beggingq, "Kill the infidels."

Is that dichon(infidel, not_infidel)?

. . .

Doug's father's first name was [Q]Oren. He was born in 1886! Doug's mother's first name was Mildred. She was born in 1898. She bore Doug in March of 1942, 89 days after Pearl Harbor.

Dad was plausibly a Jew: [Oren Lawrence Rensel]. Mom was quantons(Irish,Dutch): McCarty and Tappan. Dad left when Doug was one... Mom did her do~due...

"A brief Chautauqua ihnto autobiography...quite enuf thank U." ...~Abgeyiq~

Doug - 1,15Feb2019.






Teman, assa Valueings wholly permeable ~{cavitational~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~ of ~exihstenceingsq~ attractionings ~reverberationalq~biosphereings}~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~{400 ~10~ ~40}~ ~700~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Omar, assa ~Aleph.1q's~ prolificq ~fecundationingsq~ of ~biosphereings~ supported via ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~...]






Zepho, assa fermionic ~structurationings~ ~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ for copulative prolificq ~fecundationingsq~...]

Quantons(scin,quan) mandatory.






Gatam, assa ~organicq~movementingsq~ further kindled by QED ~enlightenmentingsq~ ~encounterings~ wholly permeable ~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~ all ~cowithihnq~ ~cosmic~biosphereings~...]






Qonez, assa ~cosmic~vital~impetusingsq~ destruction of dialectic which tends to degrade ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~ which offer ~unlimitedq~potentiaq~...]






Timna, assa Valueings wholly permeable ~{cavitational~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~ attractionings ~reverberationalq~biosphereings}~ ~lifeq~principleingsq~ QED ~enlightenmentingsq~...]

~{400 40}~ ~50.70~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Aamelaq, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ ~biosphereings~ ~metabolismings~ ~cosmic~vital~impetusingsq~ destruction of dialectic...]






Nahath, assa ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~ borne of ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ ~encounterings~ permeable ~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~...]






Zerah, assa ~unlimitedq~potentiaq~ supported by ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ inspired by ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~...]






Shammah, assa ~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~biosphereings~ ~livingsq~...]

"The living name." ~Ab~ assa gender-biased "Living Father."

"Schemou is such a shrewd digest that it is given rise to the ~memeset~ that every individual is a personification of the name s~he bears,..." I.e., one's name in Qabala. Doug subbed memeset for Suares' more classical 'notion.' Doug could have used memeo.

~Memeset~ begs ensembles of precomditionings and affectationings:

Study Shemou.

Doug - 1,15Feb2019.






Mizzah, assa ~biosphereings~ ~unlimitedq~potentiaq~ ihn and ~among~ other ~livingsq~...]






Seir, assa ~straddleings~ ~{cavitational~cosmic~metabolismings~ of all ~enlightenmentingsq~ QED ~coobsfectingsq~ ~exihstenceingsq~ supported via ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~...]

~{300 ~70.10~ ~200}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Over~simply which is plausibly closer to idiom, "Songings of ~enlightenmentingsq~."

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Lotan, assa ~metabolismings~ prolificq ~fecundationingsq~ of quantized fermionic ~cellularizationingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~ and ~peaceings~...]






Dishon, assa ~gate~wayveings~ Atbash antinomial destruction of dialectic ~among~ ~exihstenceingsq~ ~experienceingsq~ ~cosmic~metabolismings~ of their ~fecundationingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~ and ~peaceings~ ...]






Ezer, assa ~Alephicq~ fermionic ~structurationings~ supported by ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~...]

Hint of tower. Could be a neck, like a giraffe.

~Fathom~ that which might evoke awe, just in any sense that it issi ~patterns~ of energy which have found their ~wayveings~ to ~useings~ up spaceings; how memes of space are made! Fermionic wobble.

It is important for you to grasp how that fermionic wobble induces primal antinomialism, and begs Doug's Gametria™ "two lives" m¤dælings.

Atsar issi quantons(fluxoid0~lifeq~1,fluxoid1~lifeq~2) and metabolic quantons(anabolism,catabolism): Sheen, Seen, Lammed, and Ghimel: column three. This issi stuff of ~breatheings~, heart sinus rhythms, faucets drippings, and so on...this issi a tell of pneuma [~Rouahh~Elohim~] in and ~among~ all fermionic ~exihstenceingsq~.

Assa vigorous and adventurous human beingsq, we show our vigor by building: Towers, sky scrapers, and towers of |thought|, some towers of ~th~ought~, some Babel, some Emet~ings...

What shall you build?

Babel~ings? Dialecta...
Emet~ings? Hologra...

Do you play satan's mechanical games, do you energize Qabala's Gametria™?

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Dishan, assa ~gate~wayveings~ Atbash antinomial destruction of dialectic ~among~ ~exihstenceingsq~ ~experienceingsq~ ~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~whileq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~ and ~peaceings~ ...]






Hori, assa ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ of supportings' ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ ihn ~exihstenceingsq~...]






Hemem, assa ~livingsq~ ~exihstenceingsq~ assa ~divineq~ FOCHRS ~{cavitational~biospherings~ corpus callosal ~synapses~ ~among~ and ~cowithihnq~ ~reverberationalq~cosmic~biosphereings}~...]

~5.10~ ~{40 600}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

This one offers a tad o'challenge.

Wæ have to ask ~selvesq~ whether ~{40 600}~ issi quantum~coherent?

Doug would say with great comfidence ~{40 40}~ issi quantum~coherent!

Both arera coherent [opine] and exhibit ¤ur need to ~omniscribe~ two kinds of quantum~coherenceings:


Each have their own Gnostic ensemble of possible ~interpreta~, and thus hermeneutic S&R Gametraic™ applicationings.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Manahath, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~biosphereings~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and peaceings inspired by ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ ~encounterings~ expectationings of permeable ~reverberationalq~cosmic~vital~impedanceings}~...]

~{40 ~50.8~ ~400}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

This version of Doug's retranslation offers an Valueings~expectationings alternative to his "two lives" ~coherence~ version of Hemem. Again Doug shows rqcs to S&R in a wide array of applicationings.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Alvan, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~enlightenmentingsq~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~metabolismings'~ prolificq ~fecundationingsq~ expectationings assiduous adherenceings to ~reverberationalq~lifeq~principleingsq}~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~{70 ~30.6~ ~700}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Ebel, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ of ~exihstenceingsq~ ~somaticq~ ~metabolismings~...]

Eyeball anyone?


Doug - 3Feb2019.






Shepho, assa ~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~evokeingsq~ ~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ of ~fecundationingsq~...]

Gametria™ does something much assa this ~schema~.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Onam, assa ~Aleph.1q's~ Valueings ~{cavitational~fecundationingsq~ ~adhereingsq~ ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ expectationings ~cowithihnq~ ~reverberationalq~cosmic~biosphereings}~...]

~1~ ~{6 ~50~ ~600}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

For Doug, this issi whatings arera expected of uhs.

Wæ arera ihn agencyings of both Aleph.1q ~cowithihnq~ uhs and uhs ~cowithihnq~ Iht.

Yeshooaa's Gnostic Secret of the Naassenes assa Mark Gaffney showed uhs ihn his famous text regarding Farewell Discourse.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Ajah, assa both ~{Aleph.1q and ~Yod.10}~ ~livingsq~...]

~{1 10}~ ~5~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Keenly observe this issi a partial anagram of Qabala.

View quantons(quantons(1,10),5). See Qabala's rule of five emphasized ihn both Aleph and Life? Thence Yod and Life?


Esau may have hated YahWeh, but a few of his genealogical [genea~coquecigruesical] spawn appear to at least show respect...

Perhaps they may have been unaware of their instinctive, intuitive use of Qabala.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Anah, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ of all regardings ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ to vestigial ~reverberationalq~livingsq}~...]

~70~ ~{50 5}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

All three of these ~schema~ arera about ~lifeq~ and its ~enlightenedq~ quantized indeterminate ~livingsq~dyingsq~livingsq~dyingsq~... ~sempiternalq~ Atta Gametraic™ QMEings.

Only ensembles of fermionic ~livingsq~ die [undo [, unHiggs] Doug's fuzzons to fermions ontology] and arera subsequently reborn ["mixing all things in all"] in indeterminate ~wayveings~.

Integer spin flux returnsq to isoflux and thus ~spiritually~ lives assa ~unlimitedq~ ~energyings~ [an unbounded resource] ihn perpetuity, ubiquitously.

C. P. Snow got it partially... "The Game never ends..."

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Ithran, assa ~exihstenceingsq~ of permeableq ~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~ supportings ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~...]






Cheran, assa Valueings fermionic ~{cavitational~grailingsq~ Mobius twistings expectationings AEFings supported by ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~...]

~{20 200}~ ~700~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Cheran appears to deeply ~fathom~ perquisites of Gametria™.

Compare Qoran.

~Bayah~: "How does Qof's destruction of dialectic deeply ~fathom~ perquisites of Gametria™?"

One possible quick ~Terets~: "By ~enableingsq~ Mobius twistings, ~fermionic~wobbleings~ in place of, e.g., eigenvalues of dichons(|yes|, |no|)."

Study Foulis' Firefly Box.

~Bayeh~: problem.
~Terets~: solution, answer.

Doug - 3,15Feb2019.






Bilhan, assa ~somaticq~ ~metabolismings~ of ~livingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~...]






Zaavan, assa Valueings projectingsq from ~{unlimitedq~potentiaq~ to quantized ~{cav~...~pivotings~enlightenmentingsq~...~rev}~ ~fecundationingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ expectationings of ~reverberationalq~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq}~ of ~indeterminationings~...]

~{7 ~{70}~ ~6~ ~700}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Column seven with ~Vav~ superposed.

Pristine comception ~adhereingsq~ QED.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Aaqon, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~enlightenmentingsq~ enjoyings ~cosmic~vital~impetusingsq~ destruction of dialectic ~whileq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ expectationings for ~reverberationalq~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq}~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~{70 ~100~ ~700}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

~Aaqon~ sweeps away Satan's stux-sux, "our way or the highway," dogma, orthodoxy, OSFA, concrete eigenvalues, BAD, 1:1 cause-effect, ideation, reification, y=f(t) planning and control, dialectical intelligence, scalarbation, etc.

~Aaqon~ tears down SOM's Wall.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Uz, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ ~fecundationingsq~ ~cosmic~structurationings~...]

QED's fecundityq of light ("general equation of the universe") can build anything, ~includeings~ our cosmos.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Aran, assa ~Aleph.1q~ supported by ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~...]






Bela, assa ~somaticq~ ~metabolismings~ ~experienceingsq~ QED ~evolutioningsq~ by ~enlightenmentingsq~...]






Beor, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~somaq~ ~evolveingsq~ via QED's' ~enlightenmentingsq~ quantonic

~fecundationingsq~ expectationings of supportings ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~...]

~{2 ~70.6~ ~200}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Assess quanton(Yod,Yod) here assa ~{exihstenceingsq~ ~fecundationingsq~ ~exihstenceingsq}~.

Try quantons(titanium,diamond). Check out Titanite aka Sphene.

~QR~ shows us diamonds can marry titanium.

Study ~tausonite~ re: transistors.

Does that happen n¤w~ings? Similarly as Doug imagined, but not say assa 1/2 diamond and 1/2 titanium atoms mixed. It should be feasible to do that...

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Dinhabah, assa ~gate~wayveings~ destruction of dialectic ~among~ ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~lifeq~principleingsq~ to vestigial ~divineq~ FOCHRS ~{cav~...~pivotings~livingsq~...~rev}~ ~synapticq~ ~laseings~ ~somaq~ ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~livingsq}~, ...]

~4~ ~{50 ~{5}~ ~2~ ~5}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Very over~simply, "Destruction of somaticq dialectic in ~divineq~ ~livingsq~ exihstential lifeq ~principleingsq~."

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Bozrah, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~somaq~ fermionic ~structural~ apoptosis expectationings supported by ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~ ~livingsq~, ...]

~{2 ~90~ ~200}~ ~5~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

"Structural apoptosis of fermionic ~livingsq~."

Study text following Euler's Disc.

Garner Gametria™ ihn real~timeings~ STM~like~omnitorings ~qwfally~ S&R of that disc's wobbleings ~edgeings~.

Find this text there:

"...spin 1/2 is two flux half~wavelength 'cycles' (co)inside of (modulating) one full~wavelength flux cycle..."

Quintessence of Gametria™!!!

Ponder Gametria™'s left eye assa fluxoid0, ponder right eye assa fluxoid1.

Disc's edge issi ~do~dueing~ ~fermion~to~fermion~ quantum~assessmentings at synapse of blue stalactite and blue stalagmite:




spin 1/2 cycle

quantized full cycle corpus~callosum

spin 1/2 cycle

Fermionic assemblies, as that Euler's Disc link shows us, live~die, live~die, etc. Atemporal pneuma issi immune to lifeq~death cyclings of material ~realityings~. These two sentences arera profound. Do not permit them to blow by your psyche~pneuma~.

Fermionic [material] lifeq issi ihn goggles.
Absence of fermionic life issi ihn Iht: blue pneuma.

Ponder that quanton(stalactite,stalagmite) assa Josephson junction.

What would Gametria™ have to ~do~due~ to exhibit anti~gravityings? Teleportation~ings?

Re watch The Fly. Also 1986 remake-sequel. Where issi pneuma? How could a human and a fly quantons(human,fly)? Gametria™ can explain. von Neumann cannot.

So...can a True Hermaphrodite be realized?

Arera Planaria true hermaphrodites? Christmas cactus?

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Husham, assa ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ of ~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~cowithihnq~ ~cosmic~biosphereings~...]

"~Spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ of the name."

Somaticq Aleph and its antinomial mirror assa Shem.

Shem issi ~antinomiallyq~ both itself and its projectionq playing ~omnifferingq~ rolesq in ~omnifferingq~ ~situationingsq~.

Compare ~Shem~Mesh~ and ~Kirker~Rahhrahh~.

"~Spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ of ~Aleph.1q~ ~cowithihnq~ ~Bayt.2~."


Does that god turn off Planck's clock?

Compare ~Belimah~.

Compare a BEC and a fermion.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Hadad, assa ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ vestigial ~divineq~ FOCHRS ~{~{cavitational~gate~wayveings~ Atbashq ~laseings~ antinomial destruction of dialectic ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~gate~wayveings}~}~...]

~8~ ~{~{4 4}~}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

"When one ~spiritually~ (bosonic~thoughtfully) destroys dialectic ihn self anything issi possible."

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Bedad, assa ~somaticq~ vestigial ~divineq~ FOCHRS ~{~{cavitational~gate~wayveings~ Atbashq ~laseings~ antinomial destruction of dialectic ~mirrorings~ ~reverberationalq~gate~wayveings}~}~...]

~2~ ~{~{4 4}~}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

"When one bodily (fermionic~behaviorally) destroys dialectic ihn self anything issi possible."

Compare Doug's now relatively ancient comparisons of |cause-effect| and ~affectationq~, especially:

classical causation postpones and retards judgment to retrospect


quantum affectati¤n advances quantum jihudgment t¤ n¤wings

destruction of dialectic helps us keep our focus on now~ingsq and our 12 o'clock.

Doug - 3Feb2019.






Midian, assa ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~biosphereings~ to ~reverberationalq~gate~wayveings}~ Atbashq antinomial destruction of dialectic ~among~ ~exihstenceingsq~ assiduously ~adhereingsq~ ~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~{40 4}~ ~10.700~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

You may thinkq of ~biosphereings~ assa ensemble~fermions.

Ask self, k~n¤w~ingsq, "How does that apply Gametria™?"

How does a lake apply Gametria™?

How do you, assa [Star Trek silicon lifeq referrings humans:] "bags of water," apply Gametria™?

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Moab, assa ~biosphereings~ prolificq ~fecundationingsq~ ~Aleph.1q~ ~cowithihnq~ ~somaq~...]

Issi Father haveings sex with a biosphere?

This might also be referred love: Ahavah~Mem.

Does this ~omniscribe~ a ballet dancer's qwfal~movementingsq~? Love?




Gametria™ ~stalactite~stalagmite~ ~recursioningsq~ of Gametria™.

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Avith, assa ~enlightenmentingsq~ prolificq bosonic QED ~fecundationingsq~ of ~exihstenceingsq~ ~struggleings~ with permeable ~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~...]

A city, a place of Jihad, struggle with god...a place of bettershipings... a DFZ?

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Samlah, assa Valueings ~{cosmic~metabolismings~ of ~biosphereings~ expectationings attractionings ~metabolismings}~ ~livingsq~...]

~{300 ~40~ ~30}~ ~5~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Emet's "[Qabalic] Name of stochasticq metabolic lifeq."

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Mesherqah, assa fermionic ~biosphereings~ Valueings ~{cavitational~cosmic~metabolismings~ via expectationings of ~struggleings~ with supportings ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~ ~cosmic~vital~impetusingsq~ destruction of dialectic ~among~ ~livingsq~...]

~40~ ~{300 200}~ ~100.5~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Compare ~{300 200}~ ~100~
coarsely with
~Shyt~ assa ~Aleph.1q~

Sub ~200~ for ~Tav~, and ~100~ for ~Yod~.

Garnered? An immense [~cosmic~] Aleph exihstentially fighting comtainment instead of resistanceq~impedance.

Compare a neutrino.

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Saul, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~cosmic~metabolismings~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~Aleph.1q's~ prolific ~fecundationingsq~ with attractionings ~reverberationalq~metabolismings}~...]

~{300 ~1.6~ ~30}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Rehoboth, assa Valueings ~{cavitational~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ of ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ attractorings ~reverberationalq~somaq}~ ~fecundationingsq~ of permeable ~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~, [the well]...]

~{200 ~8~ ~2}~ ~6.400~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

So far they have named two wells:

Sitnah and Rehoboth a well by the river. Guess: A river from the dead sea just north and east of Edom issi unnamed ~flowing~ from southern tip of dead sea southeasterly. See KJB p. 382, map of Saul.

See Genesis XXVI:22 word 11.

Doug - 18Aug2018.






Baalhanan, assa ~somaq~ Valueings QED's bosonic ~{cavitational~enlightenmentingsq~ ~coobsfectingsq~ ~metabolismings~ ~spiritualq~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ for ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ with further expectationings of ~reverberationalq~cosmic~lifeq~principleingsq}~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~...]

~2~ ~{70 ~30.8.50~ ~700}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Achbor, assa bosonic ~enlightenmentingsq~ Valueings fermionic ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~grailingsq~ Mobius twistings of to Valueings ~{cav~...~somaq~...~rev}~ ~fecundationingsq~ of expectationings ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~...]

~70~ ~{20 ~{2}~ ~6~ ~200}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Hadar, assa ~livingsq~ ~gate~wayveings~ Atbashq antinomial destruction of dialectic supported via ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ comtainmentings...]






Pau, assa ~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ borne of bosonic ~enlightenmentingsq~ pragmatic behaviorings ~fecundationingsq~...]

pragma: Greek action






Mehetabel, assa ~biosphereings~ ~livingsq~ ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~exihstenceingsq~ fermionic ~cellularizationingsq~ quantizationings of ~somaq~ to ~reverberationalq~Aleph.1q~}~ ~cowithihnq~ and ~coobsfectingsq~ ~metabolismings~...]

~40.5~ ~{10 ~9.2~ ~1}~ ~30~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Matred, assa ~{cavitational~biosphereings~ fermionic ~cellularizationingsq~ quantizationings ~cowithihnq~ ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ ~reverberationalq~gate~wayveings}~ Atbashq antinomial destruction of dialectic ...]

~{40 ~9.200~ ~4}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

Doug's mother's name was ~Mildred~.

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Mezahab, assa ~biosphereings~ havings ~exihstenceingsq~ with ~unlimitedq~potentiaq~ for their ~livingsq~ ~somaq~...]






Jetheth, assa ~exihstenceingsq~ of ~divineq~ FOCHRS permeable ~{~{cavitational~cosmic~vital~impedanceings~ ~laseings~ ~synapticq~ wholly permeableq ~mirrorings~ of ~reverberationalq~cosmic~vital~impedanceings}~}~, ...]

~10~ ~{~{400 400}~}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Elah, assa ~Aleph.1q~ ~metabolizeings~ ~cowithihnq~ ~livingsq~...]

Compare Ehieh.

Does Alah Aakhboor sound familiar?

Doug - 4Feb2019.






Pinon, assa ~unlimitedq~possibilityingsq~ for ~exihstenceingsq~ ~adhereingsq~ assiduously ~lifeq~principleingsq~ of ~indeterminationings~ of ~freedomings~, ~uncertaintyingsq~, and ~peaceings~ supported via ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~...]

A chief, a duke, a sheik...






Mibzar, assa ~biosphereings~ ~{cavitational~somaq~ fermionic ensemble ~structurationings~ supported via ~reverberationalq~cosmic~emerqancyingsq}~...]

~40~ ~{2 ~90~ ~200}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Magdiel, assa ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~biosphereings~ ~overlapq~entangleingsq~ projectingsq from ~{cavitational~organicq~movementingsq~ to ~reverberationalq~gate~wayveings}~ Atbashq antinomial destruction of dialectic ihn ~nestingsq~ ~returningsq~ from ~{cavitational~exihstenceingsq~ to ~reverberationalq~Aleph.1q~}~ to ~reverberationalq~metabolismings}~...]

~{40 ~{3 ~4}~ ~{10 1}~ ~30}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~






Iram, assa QED bosonic ~enlightenmentingsq~ of ~exihstenceingsq~ supported via ~cosmic~emerqancyingsq~ ~cowithihnq~ ~cosmic~biosphereings~...]

"Mutative evolution of ~exihstenceingsq~."

Doug - 15Feb2019.





, assa , ...]





, assa , ...]





, assa , ...]

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